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AFROTC Information Request

What are the qualifications to join?

  • US Citizen (or pursuing)
  • 2.0 GPA
  • Full-time college student
  • 3+ years of college remaining

For more information please visit: AFROTC requirements

What are the minimum fitness standards?

                                   Male          Female
Push-ups (1 min)         30                15
Sit-ups (1 min)             39                35
1.5 mile run               15:50           18:56
AF Fitness Charts

These minimums are not required to join. You must have a passing fitness score to earn a scholarship.  

What is my weekly schedule?

Physical Training: Tues/Thurs 0700-0800

Lab: Fri 0700-0930

   Freshmen - Fri 1200-1300
   Sophomore - Fri 1400-1500
   Junior/Senior - Time varies

What is the curriculum?

Air Force ROTC curriculum is separated into four major areas: Profession of Arms, Communication Skills, Leadership Studies, and Military Studies/International Security Studies. Visit Program Curriculum to learn more. 

What is the commitment for joining?

There is no commitment until accepting a scholarship or contracting in your junior year.

Once commissioned, your active duty commitment is 4 years
Rated Officers (Pilot, etc) incur 6 - 10 years

Will I deploy while in Air Force ROTC?

No. Your job here is to be a student.

What type of scholarships does Air Force ROTC offer?

In college scholarships are available to all majors on a case-by-case basis. Click here to learn more about high school scholarships.

What type are jobs are available in the Air Force and Space Force?

Pilot, Navigator, Space, Missiles, Intelligence, Weather, Cyber, Maintenance, Logistics, Nursing, Developmental Engineer, Acquisitions, Security Forces, Contracting, and Finance just to name a few.
Visit Air Force Jobs to learn more. 

Are there more websites for information and videos?

Air Force.com
Space Force.com
Air Force & College
Air Force Daily Video

Couldn't find your answer?

Please visit https://www.afrotc.com/contact/help for more information.